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From movie nights with the family to gatherings in the yard with friends, individuals born in October are social and love to host gatherings. They find a reason to celebrate every occasion in life – big and small.

Accordingly, their homes can sometimes get a little messy. It’s not their fault though – October birthdays are so busy balancing work, family and friends that they can’t always be caught up on laundry and dishes.

It’s safe to say that those born in October have vivacious personalities and connect well with others. You know, they’re often the life of the party. And, when it comes to making decisions in life – or in their home décor – they tend to be bold risk-takers.

Incorporating colors of the season

Born in the heart of autumn, October birthdays may seek inspiration from their timely surroundings – like the flora, fauna and foliage of fall – when coordinating the interior of their home.

October has two birthstones, the tourmaline and the opal. Both stones are complementary to one another, tourmaline with soft pink hues and opal iridescent and white. These colors align well with warm seasonal tones like marigold, orange and plum – and those born in October often gravitate toward an expansive, warm color palette. When styling the living room or decorating the bedroom, October birthdays will likely incorporate some of these cheery, multipurpose colors that can be both inviting and cozy.

Entertaining outdoors

Those born in October take pride in their outdoor space, whether it’s a backyard, patio or balcony. They love to decorate their outside oasis with engaging elements like decorative string lights, comfortable seating, and sometimes even a fire pit (where it’s safe) to encourage gathering and share a few laughs.

When working with a grassy backyard, October birthdays take pride in their landscaping. Flowers, plants and a trimmed lawn help when showing off their fresh and fun outdoor entertaining space.

Those born in October have ambient homes – inside and out – that everyone looks forward to spending time in.

As a true Scorpio I can identify with the following traits:

Name the traits

I’m curious – are you a Scorpio?

What is your strongest quality that you demonstrate every day?

I would love to hear from you and discuss our similarities and perhaps differences too 

Positive Scorpio Traits

Scorpios are known to have lots of positive qualities that make them great friends and successful people overall.


Determination is one of the most well-known Scorpio characteristics. When a Scorpio wants something, they go for it and they don’t hold back. There’s not much that can stop a Scorpio once they have their mind set on something, and they have unmatched focus when they pursue a goal.


There’s no one better to have at your side during a time of trouble than a Scorpio. They will run into danger without a second thought, and are always the first to volunteer themselves for difficult tasks. Especially when it comes to helping family and friends, the Scorpio personality means that they are the first to jump into the fray.


If a Scorpio is committed to someone or something, they stick with it. Their trust is hard to earn, but once they do trust someone, they dedicate their whole self to that person, and apply their classic determination to stand by friends, family, and partners.


Scorpios are honest to a fault. They always tell the truth, no matter what, and hate dishonesty in others. They can’t stand people who steal and cheat, either, since they’re just as honest with themselves as they are with others.


Scorpios are known to be fierce. They are single-minded in achieving their goals, and they set those goals high. Scorpios don’t see or set limits in their lives, and they don’t let anyone tell them that something they want isn’t possible.

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