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Christmas Crafts.

This Christmas, so many traditions have needed to change because of Covid-19. Why not change up your Christmas crafting projects with one of 2020s most sought-after household staple, the coveted toilet paper roll!

Here are a few craft ideas for Christmas decorations using the toilet paper roll!

The first task on a traditional Advent calendar chain. The amount of toilet paper rolls will depend on how long you want your chain. Cut each toilet paper roll into three horizontal equal parts. Now cut each piece to loop the pieces together.  Loop each piece into each other. Using a stapler, now staple each piece back together. Depending on the theme of the chain, you can now paint the roll and decorate it accordingly. Some examples would be white rolls for a Snowman or keep it brown for a Reindeer.

The second craft idea is creating a Christmas tree ornament. Take each toilet paper roll and cut each into different lengths so that you can stack them in a triangle shape that will represent the tree. Next, stack the rolls horizontally and hot glue the rolls together. Now paint the rolls green and add sparkles to represent the Christmas lights. Add a small of a brown roll that will represent the base of the tree. Bonus points by cutting out a star for the top!

The last ornament has a variety of character options. Using the toilet paper roll, punch two small holes at one end of the roll. This will be the top of the ornament. You can paint the roll green and create a Grinch, paint it white for a Snowman or leave it brown and create a Reindeer. Use pipe cleaners to add embellishments like antlers to your character. Add twine to the two small holes to hang your ornament.

These are only three options out of countless possibilities for COVID-19 Christmas crafting. For more ideas, Google toilet paper roll Christmas crafts.

Happy crafting!

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